The Art of Remote Working

The Art of Remote Working

Sarah-Jane Heber-Hall

Sarah-Jane Heber-Hall, director at Computertel.

By Sarah-Jane Heber-Hall, director at Computel.

The way that people work is evolving. With the change in current employment law to cover flexible working practice, as well as an increase in remote workers and the amount of mobile staff who work outside the office environment and on the road, mixed with an increase in the number of home workers employed in today’s organisations, the need to seamlessly carry out ‘business as usual’ and ensure that company standards and seamless service delivery is practiced throughout the company, is a vital principle of business operations.  Mobile recording, therefore, is a must have in resellers’ product portfolios.

Last year’s adverse weather conditions brought this to light. The severe cold spell came in the run up to Christmas and was estimated to cost the UK economy up to £1.2 billion a day. Forced absence from work, workforce management and logistics issues all affected the operational effective of many organisations.

“Mobile recording would most definitely have been an advantage to many organisations during this time,” said Phil Haynes, managing director at ComputerTel. “Companies would have been able to divert calls through to employees based at home, allowing them to deal with customers by phone seamlessly and continue to offer a service that would allow business as usual, thereby proving better than the competition. There would also have been an ability to record all of these mobile calls and gain instant access to them, when required.”


How many companies lost money because the customer never got the item they ordered in time for Christmas, or said nothing but returned the item when it arrived too late to be of any use? The use of  mobile recording would have promoted better methods of communication relay and update for all clients and customers affected directly by the weather.

Unique selling points for mobile recording include making the end user imagine the benefits of being able to contact the delivery driver’s mobile, record his text messages, obtain updates of revised times of arrival, and being able to contact the customer via mobile to update them on the new time of intended delivery. Having an audit trail of all this activity and instant access to the information is certainly a benefit and an easy return on investment for the many organisations that were not prepared for the forced change to their business operations last December.

Disaster recovery is also a growing focus for UK business. Mobile recording supports this method of operation to provide rapid diversion to mobile based communication, if ever the need arises. Even during normal periods of business operation, evolving a business to adapt to the revisions in how staff work is vital for retaining anticipated and expected standards of service and performance, so even outside of extraordinary work periods, having the ability to support and protect your employees, no matter where the course of their job role takes them, can also provide continuity and best practice for the entire business.

ComputerTel is a telecommunications company specialising in the supply of call recording and quality monitoring solutions, as well as speech analytics, PC screen recording and e-learning solutions.

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