The BBC kills CashBack

For anyone that isn’t avidly glued to Nicky Campbell at 8pm on Wednesdays, you may have missed our very own ‘Doctor’ Faisal Sheik giving the BBC’s Watchdog the final nail in the cashback coffin.

Dodgy builders, mechanics, plumbers and 3’s Marc Allera aside (er, no, he’s in the frame); as exclusively reported by Mobile Business Magazine last week the BBC’s Watchdog programme has sounded the call for the much dealer detested cashback to come to an end this evening.

Mobile Business’s very own columnist Faisal Sheik, and forum guru and IMPDA founder Chris Caudle have been instrumental in calling for the cashback crisis to come to a halt and with the scope of Mobile Business’s diverse media offering have come to the attention of mainstream national media, online, print and television.

Cashback, described as ‘massively discounted’ by the programme has notably been promoted by 3, with some dealers offering over £1,000 on single contracts.

Kevin Patel, Chatterbox, was sympathetically filmed, being well known as a dealer which 3 presented a mere 40% cashback uptake to; this as you know, widely differs from reality which has put him out of business – however, he’s put his personal finances on the line to ensure as many consumers as possible recover the financial promises he gave them after receiving 3’s presentation.

BBC’s watchdog programme is understood to have claimed that 3 offered unrealistic cashback deals, this breaching Ofcom’s Code of Conduct, whilst the OFT are considering a ban on cashback, Orange meekly mentioned they’ll change a tariff .

Perhaps it’ll be the squirrel this time round, they’re sure to share their nuts – or at least ensure they’re not at risk.

Tell us what you think about cashback, is Marc Allera responsible for 3’s strategy? Should he go? Who created it? Let us know, anonymously if you must, by writing below…

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