The Best Network Deal in 2006

The award identifies the network that has the best deals for users, the best relationships with dealers and retailers, the best coverage (nationally and internationally) and the best performance – which we defined as the fewest line dropouts when driving at speed down the M4.
And when we started to look at the evidence, it turned out to be a particularly difficult one to decide.
T-Mobile FlexT
We lumped together the results for various FlexT tariffs (FlexT 35 was individual leader) and it came out a shade ahead of the Vodafone offer. Not surprising really – it may not always be the very best deal, but it is one that the consumer finds easy enough to understand (not everyone uses the same mix of texts and minutes) and the flexibility makes it a relatively easy sell – especially when the consumer feels that the retailer is putting some effort into understanding their specific needs.

Vodafone Anytime with extras
Orange Panther with free home broadband
02 Best for Business

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