The Best Phone for Sellers in 2006

In this category we were looking for the handset that proved to be the best sell of the year. So it had to have genuine sales appeal, and preferably be a phone that the punters actually asked for (so the support of some strong marketing by the maker or the networks counts for a lot). 
It had to be easy and effective to demonstrate, with lots of strong features and few problem areas. And it had to keep the customer happy: no-one likes returns.

LG K800 Chocolate

The sexiest phone of the year, with hand-appeal and bags of wow factor to make up for a few deficiencies in the specification.

Sony Ericsson W810i
Samsung E900
Nokia 6230i

Sony Ericsson’s Walkman follow-on for the well-liked W800 almost pipped the LG at the post; it’s the mixture much as before with some good tweaks. The E900 wasn’t far behind – better-specified than the Chocolate phone and featuring the same kind of touch-sensitive controls, but somehow not quite as attractive to hold and use. The 6230i is another example of a winning formula that needed only a few changes, like I mean the bigger and better display and email with attachments.

Winner 2005: Motorola V3 RAZR

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