The Convergence Summit Mobility Arena Gathering pace…

The Convergence Summit Mobility Arena Gathering pace…

Convergence Summit 2008

Announced in last months issue of MB was the launch of a new “Mobility Arena” within the market leading Convergence Summit Exhibition. Since then a number of companies have signed up to what is shaping up to being THE event of the year.

Whilst fixed line revenues are forecast to fall mobile revenues are on the increase and with half the Worlds population owning a mobile phone the chances of this slowing is very unlikely indeed – great news..

There is so much research being conducted into the mobility market at present that it is quite clear that end customers requirements are becoming more sophisticated all the time. Mobile VoIP and mobile email are just two

technologies which provide great B2B sales opportunities for switched on resellers looking to secure the future of their business.


Education is the key

A study commissioned by Martin Dawes looked into mobile subscribers’ attitudes to mobile VoIP. The picture presented was more complex than expected. Almost half of all respondents (40.1%) did not know what VoIP is, and only 15.7% of all respondents actively use PC-based VoIP at present.

The subscribers most attracted to mobile VoIP are those who use their mobile phone for business. A quarter say they have considered mobile VoIP to reduce their phones bills and six percent of these respondents stated they were likely to try out mobile VoIP in the next month. Consumers seem much less likely to give mobile VoIP a go – only 14% said they have considered mobile VoIP.

The rapidly growing adoption of mobile email is bypassing many small businesses according to research from O2. Despite clear productivity benefits, nearly half of those questioned with 50 or less employees do not currently use mobile email.

Many small businesses also do not have a strategy in place to implement mobile email solutions or manage their mobile communications generally. 61% of those questioned have no formal IT or mobile communications strategy and less than half (44%) of those that do thought they were making the most of it.

Unsurprisingly, cost was the key reason for many of those questioned not to implement mobile email or make more of their mobile communications services. A third gave cost and ROI considerations as the main reason for not making more of mobile communications and mobile email.

So what this tells us is that there are fantastic opportunities for YOU to win more business but you need to make sure that;

A) You are fully versed with the latest fixed mobile convergence (FMC) applications

B) You are able to educate your business customers so they can benefit The Convergence Summit provides the perfect event for you to see what is happening both in the fixed line and mobile arenas and what’s more it’s FREE to attend. The seminar sessions which are usually packed are also FREE so what are you waiting for – register now at


Making the most of the expanding “Convergence Channel”

Convergence Summit Conferences
Key Facts

Dates: 7/8 October 2008 
Venue: The Surrey Hall, Sandown Park, Esher, Surrey
How do I get in? Register online at
How do I book a stand? Call Paul Johnson on 01892 538348 or email


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