The Future’s Blyk the Future’s Delayed

(and looking for a new business plan) Blyk has recently announced that it is to change its business model and the launch date is delayed until October.
So, Blyk was going to fund its free network by supplying adverts to generation hoodie and reportedly had advertising contracts with Buena Vista, Coke and L’Oreal.

According to The Guardian, Blyk have "gone back to the drawing board to make sure the service works properly" with the anticipated launch sometime in October.

It may be that the delay is due to a lack of advertising punters as it seems someone at head office has run the numbers and seen that they either don’t add up or they won’t fund the pension payments so have come up with a new additional revenue stream; ebay.

Well not new then, take someone else’s business model and roll it out for mobile – genius.

Perhaps the advertisers Blyk have subsequently approached looked at their current contracts and thought they couldn’t see the square eyed, hyperactive, make-up wearing hoodies demographic in their marketing strategy and so they had to come up with something else.

“Hey Jonno, we can’t get any more advertisers signed up for this free network thing you’ve got us working on, we’re supposed to be launching it tomorrow, what are we going to do for cash?”

“err, ebay”

“what sell our unwanted goods online”

“err, yes, err, I mean no, we’ll let the hoodies buy on ebay from our network; hmm… scratch that, we’ll create our own ebay, we’ll be rich”

“like we haven’t got enough to do, okay get a press release out with a great quote in it, don’t say ebay as we’ll get sued, ‘user-generated adverts’ sounds quite catchy”

Jonathan MacDonald, sales director of Blyk, said: “There’s so much talk about mobile advertising, but it’s easy to overlook the potential of user-generated ads. Our system makes it easy for individuals to define and send ads to other users. I think they will – in big numbers.”

Or read as “we used to talk a lot about mobile advertising but we overlooked the ebay model. We’re trying to build a system that works so users can make us money. I hope they will – in any numbers”

We’ll all have to wait until October to see if the square eyed, hyperactive, make-up wearing hoodies demographic will actually buy and sell anything via their mobiles, one would have thought they’d shoplift what they wanted rather than buy them from each other.

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