The future’s, erm… not as bright as it was last year

Orange recently announced figures showing its UK contract customers have fallen over 10,000 from last year; slim growth has been seen in Pre-Pay though, perhaps instigating their new focus on business customers.
Oranges UK contract customer base has fallen from 4.98m last year to 4.97m this year and revenues have also reportedly slipped from £263 to £257 per annum per customer.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, Orange’s total (mobile) customer base grew by 3.2% to 15.3m; however the majority of this growth was seen by Pre-Pay customers, showing a 5% increase, but, there’s less revenue in Pre-Pay than Contract customers.

The drop in revenue has been blamed by industry pundits as increased competition from the likes of T-Mobiles’ Flext offering and Carphone moving into the broadband arena as well as Skype’s VoIP services.

Perhaps this slide in revenues has instigated a move toward business customers?

Orange today announced the launch of ‘Business Acceleration’, a suite of services based on a ‘threefold approach to optimise global communications infrastructure’ – whatever that means.

The press release mentions, The analysis phase, the management phase & the optimisation phase along with such great words and phrases, ‘efficient & harmonised’, ‘end-to-end, ‘alignment’ and of course lets not forget ‘application-centric networking’!

If these kinds of buzz words do it for you can get loads more at

O2 are not to be outdone

O2 are also pushing their focus on Business this week with the launch of the O2 Business Starter pack.

Their release mentions they realise there are hundred of things to deal with when you’re starting up a business so have come in with a little more down to earth message based on a Concierge Service and their own three phase approach – Save money, Save effort & Save time.

Perhaps their copy writer didn’t have access to the same thesaurus as Orange.

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