THE MOLE Digs the Dirt

Not going down-under
The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – has delivered a harsh blow to the budding Hugh Hefners of the mobile world, by banning the access to and sale of pornography on phones.With some of the larger players, 3, Vodafone and Telstra all offering high speed access to high end services, experts fear that with the removal of this key market area it will be difficult to recoup the investments. The amusing end to this tail is that a government run study in the land of Oz has just revealed that accessing porn via the web makes people more relaxed and confident with their sexuality.
Still, it will save companies like T-Mobile having all their Web ‘n’ Walk posters edited by ingenious graffiti artists…

The Future’s bright, and feathered?

A lot of talk has gone flying round in reference to the latest Orange animal campaign, and one group of dealers was heard asking “Come on, what does a small bird have in common with your average customer?” Well looks like Orange have the last laugh here guys. I mean, they wouldn’t spend all that money on research for nothing.
Coincidentally, there’s a bottle of champagne for the first picture of a racoon wearing a Bluetooth headset.

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