The Mole Digs the Dirt!

The mole goes back stage at Fone Logs World Cup Dealer Golf Event…
Ok, so it’s not an industry award ceremony, full of networks and manufacturers being treated like royalty at their own expense whilst trying to grab an award that offers little or no recognition 24 hours later,…
but never-the-less it was an event that for those involved was just as significant, and the Mole got a secret invite and has lots to tell you about certain industry people.

Not naming any names, but a certain Marketing Head decided to take it upon himself to offer critique to his loyal customers golfing abilities, and if it hadn’t have been for a Joe Cole wonder-goal replay, might have found himself having an untimely meeting with a nine iron. Of course everything was taken in good humour, and it really was a reward to their loyal customer base, who ended up somewhat intoxicated.

The customers and key staff seem like old friends as they party together until the early hours, and although it didn’t impress him all that much, Dean Pougher tried to sweep Fone Logistics Director of Network Sales Giulio Laise, off his feet with some well rehearsed Italian words for popular snack foods. Next time you speak to VIP Communications in Hull, ask Dean for some Chippy Sticks, Jaffee Caikes and a Kitty Kat. You’re sure to get fantastic service if you can wait for him to stop laughing.

Unfortunately the mole then got very drunk and with the rest of Fone Logistic’s staff and customers, passed out, but not before taking a great pic for the caption contest – see below.

Moral of the story: If you’re not a Fone Logistics customer, you probably should be, though you do have four years till the next world cup to worry about it.

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