The Mole Digs the Dirt!

Sending pornography on mobile phones would attract a jail term or harsh fines under laws to go to federal Parliament later this year……in Australia.

Communications Minister Helen Coonan said today the new laws, which would also apply to subscriber-based internet sites and handheld devices, were intended to protect children from exposure to porn. 

If this does go into power, the Mole suggests taking a picture of your arse and sending it to Peter Andre, where safely tucked away in his Australian jail cell he will be a million miles away from any form of studio or recording equipment.

The conclusion of a study done by Maryam Kamvar and Shumeet Baluja, computer science professors who are also affiliated with Google, that analyzed a random sampling of one million page view requests from mobile phones and PDAs last year, found that wireless users really, really like porn. Less than 10 percent of all searches done on PCs these days are porn scavenger hunts, a number that is down 50 percent from 1997. As the Web has matured
and more consumers have come online, porn’s percentage of searches has consistently dropped.

On mobile phones, though, users are still partying like it’s 1997—more than 20 percent of all mobile queries looked at in the study were for “adult” content. This would help with the animal tariffs, Racoon, Panther, Dolphin, Canary and now Rampant Rabbit, the all you can eat internet package with no blockers or child protection software. If Orange are reading this, Rampant Rabbit is already Trade Marked for something else. Check Fone magazine as they might run an advert for it soon.

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