The Mole Digs the Dirt!

Voice gets split?
It seems that the magazine Voice for the Communications Workers Union is now getting split into two editions, and yes you’ve guessed it, one is primarily focused on Telcos.Now what would anyone working in the telecoms industry have to complain about? Answers on a postcard to Mr. Caudwell please.

Secure Server?
Apparently during the ultra-secure password change procedure in the logging in section of O2’s web site, you could access personal details of other subscribers, such as name, address and bill details. They’ve sorted this out, and no payment details were accessible, though at least you now have a full list of all the 15 million other people on the network that you have free unlimited calls to.

Network High-Lites?
A recent conversation during a lunch meeting in a city restaurant proved a valuable insight into the perception of a rather large Mobile Phone Network.  The table made up of stock-brokers, finance directors and blue-chip investors/fund managers claimed that the network is seriously out of fashion and compared it to the mullet hairstyle… maybe the next celebrity sponsorship could go less in the direction of Beckham and locate a certain Mr. Hoddle?

Age not important.
With Vodafone and other such industry  leaders involved in capturing the elderly market, it seems that some spokespeople for the elderly have considered this an ageist approach. To counter act this apparently patronising take on the market sector such developments have been text lessons and a three button only telephone with flashing lights. Mmmmm…….see pages 34-37 for more info.

Tell me your secrets
Any stories with an ounce of truth, a touch of naughtiness, a dash of humour, and any combination of those would be gratefully appreciated – email

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