The Mole Digs the Dirt!

It seems that Mobile Business’s latest reader; No not John Bernard of LG, I’m talking about Chris ‘the boxther’ Eubank, was more than happy to jump in at last month’s meeting.   
He even signed my copy of the mag before posing for this photo, which was actually taken on a Chocolate phone. Funnily Chris played down the fact that he didn’t have one (nor was invited to the swanky launch party). Here’s what really happened:
Just as John was signing off a three year  LG advertising deal with us for gazillions of pounds, Chris came up to us and said “Hey, aren’t you the Mobile Business gang? Can I have my pic taken with you?” Bernard, who loves the attention, said yes. He’s a real camera fluezy. We declined as Chris stole our only pen and the contract never got signed. So Chris….wherever you are….be warned….we’re coming to beat you up soon.
Unless you know where we are, in which case we’re very sorry and keep the pen…honestly…we’ve got loads of them.
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