The money in mobile games

The global mobile games market will grow from sales of $3.1bn in 2006 to nearly $17.6bn in 2011, according to Juniper Research. The Asia Pacific region will continue to dominate, representing 38% of cumulative revenues over the period. 
Europe will contribute 31%, North America 22% and the rest of the world 9%.
Big-selling games may not be at the leading edge of the technology – “people want to fill ‘dead time’ with easy-to-use but fun games. This is the same in just about every culture”.
And more handsets and more titles will deliver steady growth in European mobile gaming, says a report from Frost & Sullivan which puts the value of the mobile gaming market here at e850m in 2006. Frost & Sullivan thinks it will grow to e2.4bn by 2012.
The F&S researchers identify some constraints – notably billing mechanisms, porting costs and a complex distribution system. Handset capabilities are the significant factor, however: “The processing capabilities and screen sizes available on Smart phones/PDAs combined with quality 2D and 3D games will be key to promoting the growth of mobile gaming in Europe” said Frost & Sullivan’s Pranab.
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