Three looks to “exploit” enterprise

Three joined the 5G era last month, switching on its Home Broadband proposition for households in London.

The operator joined EE and Vodafone in offering a 5G product, all be it not for mobile, who both launched 5G for combatable mobile devices.

Speaking to Comms Business at the Three 5G launch, Phil Sheppard, Director of Strategy and Architecture at Three said that the peak speeds that he had seen from Three clocked in at 1.2Gbps.

“The theoretical maximum speed for 5G is 1.5GBps, we haven’t quite got to 1.5 yet we have seen 1.2 as a maximum speed, a bit of tweaking and tuning to get us there.

But the key thing isn’t the peak speed because that is a bit theoretical, that’s single user, ideal conditions, it’s a technology maximum. We think the speeds will be at least 10 times faster than our 4G speeds at the moment which are around 25Mbps so we think the 5G average speeds will be around 250Mbps.”

Three are yet to share a date for when 5G will be available on mobile but Sheppard guaranteed that 5G mobile plans would be open for businesses to use; adding that the newly formed enterprise division is working on Three’s 5G business strategy.

“I think generally speaking we are looking to exploit what we have got and sell it into other areas.

Traditionally we have not been strong in business but we have hired a new enterprise director which we haven’t had in the past and that person has been tasked with how do we grow that sort of business.

In this episode of the Comms Business Channel Insider Podcast David Dungay was joined by industry experts to discuss the latest significant Channel merger between G3 and Connect, what Vodafone’s 5G pricing means for the market, and how NFON is attacking the hosted space with their M&A fund and what that means for partners.

Panellists included
Adam Zoldan, Director at Knight Corporate Finance
Adam Simon, CEO of CONTEXTWorld
Adam Sankey, Head of Mobile at Opus Tech
Adrian Sunderland, CTO at Jola
Dominic Black, Senior Analyst at Cavell Group

Our business has mainly been retail and consumer focussed. The way that we are going to grow is through the main consumer business, the multi-brand strategy, such as SMARTY and ID mobile, and then there is this enterprise piece which is new and starting to develop.

To my mind there is a lot of opportunity in 5G for enterprise. We’re not fully formed on what our strategy will be at the moment and what we are going to do but from a technology angle but from my point of view I think that it needs to be flexible to support business and we have a fully flexible IT infrastructure, fully flexible core network so we can adapt the core network quickly.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine