Tom has shown a dedication to building up a relationship with us not often seen these days, especially in cut-throat areas.
It’s refreshing to find someone willing to spend the time to get to know their customer.
Glenn Cameron G3i Ltde

Q – – How long have you worked for MPE?
One year.

Q – What was your first paid employment?
Salesman for the PocketPhone Shop.

Q – What made you move into the mobile phone industry?
The chance to use the technology, and the opportunities within the mobile business.

Q – What is the best aspect about your job?
Closing a deal!

Q – What is the worst aspect?

Q – What is the best sales incentive you have ever won?
A TV and hi-fi from Samsung.

Q – If you could suggest an incentive what would it be?
For me, tickets to the World Cup in Germany this summer.

Q – What do you like most about the mobile industry?
It’s always changing – no two days are ever the same …

Q – What do you like least?

Q – If you could change anything about the industry what would it be?
Get rid of the prepay subsidies.

Q – If you could capture any image and send as a picture message what would it be, who would you send it to, and why?
Oxford United winning the league, and I would send it to every number in my phone book. Why? Because I would be drunk.

Q – If you could design a mobile handset what functions would it have?
It would be able to predict lottery results, and I would have the only one!

Q – If you were a mobile phone what would you be and why?
A Nokia 6021 – nothing flashy, but it’s popular and it gets the job done.

Q – What handset do you currently use?
Sony Ericsson K750i.

Q – If you were a ringtone, what would you be and why? Don’t stop me now by
Queen, because I’m driven and I don’t stop trying to provide the best service.

Q – Who inspires you?
My parents, because they are running the London Marathon for the first time in their fifties.

Q – What ringtone do you currently use?
Insomnia by Faithless.

Q – What is your favourite game played on your mobile phone?
Snake – it’s a classic.

Q – What would your dream occupation be?
Footballer (but only for Oxford United).

Q – What do you think about being awarded DM of the month?
Over the moon – it made my day for a dealer to take time out to thank me like this. I will definitely be trying for Dealer Manager of the month again!

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