Tramigo T22 can now handle voice traffic

Tramigo (UK) Ltd have announced the launch of a hands-free car kit to work with their T22 asset tracking device opening a lot of opportunities for a cellular dealer to take advantage of network subsidies and sell a complete solution of voice and asset tracking in one package.

The Tramigo T22 is battery powered (hardwire power optional) and contains the latest high-sensitivity GPS Sirf Star III chipset, which means it can work in the glove box of your car or certain enclosed spaces. About the size of a cigarette packet, it is also small and light enough to put in a pocket or bag.

The Tramigo T22 has an inbuilt map database with 10000 landmarks and also allows you to add 500 of your own landmarks such as home, office and other personal locations. You can simply check the location of your important assets or loved ones with user-friendly SMS commands directly from your mobile phone. There is no need for a computer or access to the internet, so you can check locations of your assets from wherever you are, as long as you are in GSM coverage.

The Tramigo T22 needs only a normal SIM card (prepaid or postpaid) it is ready to use. Pay the one-off purchase price and there are no monthly fees or additional charges other than for text messages sent or calls made from your Tramigo T22 to other phones.

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