Travel Apps

The diary for 2017 is already starting to fill up with events across the globe that members of the Channel will be looking to attend. Here, we take a look at the latest apps to ensure you get the most out of your business trips.

If you are a fan of Google Maps when abroad I suggest you take a look at Citymapper. This easy to use app offers a detailed journey planner and gives you far more detail than the Google equivalent. Real-time departure information, disruption alerts, Uber integration, cycle routes and it is available for 30 cities worldwide. Free on iOS and Android.

This language learning app has over 70 million users and can really help you get through day to day conversation in a language you aren’t familiar with. It won’t make you fluent in a language but will give you the basics and is an excellent way to keep up with your vocabulary. There is a levels system which will bring out the competitor in you as you try and level up as you get more familiar with your chosen language. Free on iOS and Android.

XE Currency
Last year gave us some pretty volatile times when it came to converting currency. Following Brexit and Trump getting into the White House nothing can be taken for granted. Handily, it converts every world currency and it also functions offline where it will use the last updated rate. It’s truly great for seeing how far your money will go when abroad, 20 million other people think so to. Free on iOS and Android.

Tripit pulls all of your travel information together from multiple sources such as emails for flight confirmations, hotel rooms, rental cars, events and pulls them all into an easy to view itinerary. All you need to do is forward your emails to the app and it will organise the rest for you. The app also allows you to share with others if you are coordinating a group trip. Free on iOS and Android.

App in the Air
This flight tracking app has some of the best coverage for airlines and airport information. It will tell you simple things like your flight status, and also operates offline. It’s great for managing your time at the airport so you aren’t constantly searching for an information board. It also breaks down your flight information into check-in, boarding, takeoff and landing time so you can use your time more effectively. Free on iOS and Android.

Google Translator
If you aren’t satisfied in just getting by on the basic language skills then this app is for you. It’s major use is for translating day-to-day words as you come across them. It works by holding the camera up to text and Google will translate it for you almost instantly. Free on iOS and Android

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine