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You may be currently looking at your 2016 business calendar and wincing at how many trips abroad you have to make this year. Travelling for business can be a stressful time for anyone, from remembering to pack everything you need to simple tasks like catching a taxi you will find something below to help you abroad.

World Mate

Unfortunately, not everyone gets a personal assistant to sort out every aspect of their business trip these days. WorldMate claims to address this grotesque imbalance in humanity by helping customers with their bookings from hotel rooms, to hire cars, travel and everything in between. Handily it then puts it all into one itinerary for your trip which means you aren’t stressing about booking references or printing out documents at the eleventh hour. Available on iOS and Android


How about an app that packs your bags for you? Packpoint doesn’t quite do that but it does create a list, depending on what type of trip you are going on, of all the items you might need for your trip. The app contains over 800 typical traveller items and it even lets you input your own items and customise lists so it can remind you next time around. Available on iOS and Android


Most people set off on their business trip with a folder full of documents containing passports, medical insurance, car hire information, flight information etc. Docady will digitise all of your travel documentation so if anything terrible happens you will have all of your information backed up. It will even remind you about expiration dates of passports or credit cards so you don’t get caught out mid-trip. Available on iOS and Android

Cisco Spark

Spark will be available to partners in September this year but the app is basically a business grade Whats App. It allows you to chat, share documents, video call and collaborate all from the same screen. There is a limited version available to try now but much more of the functionally will be available later in the year. Available on iOS, Android and Windows

Google Translate

Knowing the lingo for hello, please, thank you and can I have a beer can only get you so far abroad in 2016. Sometimes you just need to ask something a little bit more specialist. Google Translate is here to help you out with over 90 languages catered for. The app translates written text and enables users to takes pictures of foreign road signs and have them translated instantly. It even allows for a two-way conversation with a foreigner, all you have to do is speak into your phone and choose which language you would like it to be translated to. Available on iOS and Android


Life sometimes gets in the way of a trip abroad leaving travellers with the unenviable task of cancelling flights and rooms which come with a charge. Roomer connects those people who no longer want their hotel rooms with travellers that do. You can book previously reserved rooms or save yourself a bunch of cash by not having to pay a cancellation fee. Roomer will even ring the hotel and get the name of the room transferred. Easy! Available on iOS and Android


If you take taxis when abroad you need this app. Uber connects users to drivers in more than 70 cities through 20 countries. It’s an on-demand service and you can link it to your PayPal or credit card so you never need to worry about having cash on you. It allows you to sit back and enjoy the ride, it will even email you the receipt for your journey so you can easily fill out your expenses. Available on iOS and Android.


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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine