A world-first in mobile phone technology is claimed by Dunfermline-based Trisent, which has developed a cost-effective system that allows mobile phone locations to be tracked continuously in real-time using standard unmodified phones without the need for GPS or for additional equipment in the cellular networks.

A number of services using the technology have been developed by Trisent’s partners – mostly for business users to locate their workers or vehicles during the working day and for the generation of location and journey reports. The applications include fleet tracking, task management and lone worker protection.
“Until now, tracking the location of people and vehicles has been an expensive, slow and inaccurate business,” said Dr Gordon Povey, Trisent’s founder and MD. “GPS tracking equipment costs have limited growth in the market and the short battery life of handheld GPS devices is another factor. Trisent’s system works passively on everyday mobile phones, so it’s always-on, is affordable, and works anywhere in the UK that has mobile coverage.”
A code of practice for location services to protect the privacy of employees means that the person in possession of the phone is made fully aware that its location can be tracked. Trisent says it ensures that all its partners adhere to the code.

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