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Using Truphone’s mobile VoIP service became an even smarter choice today with the announcement of the mobile operator’s best-ever calling rates.

Now until December 31st, not only are mobile calls free to landlines in 40 countries and to mobiles in the USA, Canada and elsewhere, but mobile rates across the EU are 15p/min or less and mobiles elsewhere in the world have been cut by an average of 23%.

Core Facts
• Truphone’s best-ever price offer
 o Free calls to landlines in 40 countries
 o Free calls to cellphones USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Singapore
 o Pay 15 pence/min or less to EU mobiles – an average 20% reduction – and no connection charge
 o Rates to international mobiles reduced by an average of 23%
 o Free mobile calls to other (online) Truphone customers
 o No roaming fees – Truphone costs the same wherever the customer is
 o No download cost, no monthly charge and no inbound fees
• These rates are guaranteed until December 31st 2007. Rates quoted are exclusive of VAT.
• Anyone with a suitable handset can get Truphone by sending an SMS with the word ‘Tru’ to +44 7624 000000

James Tagg, Truphone’s CEO, said:
"Truphone is the mobile operator for the internet age. Our IP infrastructure means we can offer great value and new services. With the announcement of our best-ever rates, we are extremely attractive versus GSM tariffs and it means Truphone is simply the smart choice for your smartphone"

"Truphone’s new price proposition is especially compelling when you’re either abroad or are calling abroad. And what’s more, there are no roaming charges. Truphone calls cost the same from wherever you are."

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