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VoIP to the iPhone, and apparently it won’t become an iBrick after the next update, not that it matters as hackers have already cracked it making it worth $1m?

Truphones Tim Donnelly Smith recently demonstrated how to use the iPhone’s built-in Wi-Fi capability to make calls over Truphone’s VOIP network at a recent exhibition.

Not wanting to upset Steve Jobs, Tim emphasized that it was only a demo and not intended to be a commercial launch. He went on to confirm the iPhone doesn’t require a cracked SIM card for his services to function on it.

This being pretty important as we reported last week that Apple are planning to block all iPhones which have been cracked – and subsequently have.

"This program doesn’t do anything that Steve Jobs says not to do," said Smith. "Apple is fairly neutral on third-party applications and they won’t deliberately try to break them." (Perhaps he hasn’t been reading the Mobile Business ezine).

Truphone have also programmed an application that will allow Facebook users to call each other over their network – again, not a commercial launch, hmm right.

At the very same time Tim wasn’t launching anything new at an exhibition, Apple was facing legal action from a disgruntled user whom has the hump over the recent $200 price drop and is looking for a cool million in compensation – you gotta love those Americans.

Apparently, the cause of the $1m lawsuit is that the user in question will not be able to re-sell the iPhone with the same margin that someone purchasing it today could, thus they must be entitled to $1m – of course.

It’s strange that this particular user feels the product has already been devalued as hackers (we guess it’s not Robert Moore as he’s locked up) have already come up with a fix to Apples recent update which ‘iBricked’ all unlocked phones.

I guess you’d have the hump if you were the sole network for the UK and someone came up with a VoIP solution?

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