Two top buzzwords to explain when selling cameraphones:

• Digital vs optical zoom. Digital zoom is done internally by the cameraphone’s software, and it can make pictures fuzzy.  Optical zoom is actually done by magnifying the image through the lens, which will provide much better quality.
• Autofocus. Depending on the distance of the subject from the camera, the lens has to be a certain distance from the film to form a clear image. Focussing is the moving of the lens in or out to get the sharpest possible image of the subject, and most cameraphones (and the cheapest cameras) can’t do this – they have a fixed focus which will deliver ok results most of the time. With autofocus, the lens is automatically altered to give the best focus; typically the shutter button is pressed halfway down to let the cameraphone work out the best focus, then you can press it all the way to take the picture.
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