UK lags behind the rest of Europe

Motorola research suggests the UK lags behind the rest of Europe in awareness and adoption of broadband applications. 2,500 respondents were surveyed across France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK for the study. Relevant findings include:

  • The UK has the lowest awareness of VoIP (77%, compared with 93% in France)
  • The UK has the lowest uptake of VoIP – 17% against 52% in France
  • The UK consumer is the least willing to give up their landline for a comparable broadband voice solution (only 45%, against 77% of Italians)
  • Fixed-mobile convergence appeals least in the UK – 65% against 91% in Spain
  • The UK is least interested in the idea of dealing with a single service provider for voice, internet and TV -72% of respondents, compared to Spain with 94%.
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