UK users lose £132m each month

Mobile contract customers feel they are losing out because tariffs can’t keep pace with the fact that their phone usage can vary significantly from one month to the next.

That’s the word from a YouGov poll for T-Mobile where 82% of respondents say…
their bills vary by up to £20 from one month to the next (and for 7% the range is often greater than £20).

And with 61% admitting to exceeding their monthly text and call bundles, a majority of Brits are failing to properly identify the best tariff for their needs. T-Mobile calculates that as costing users £132m every month.

The survey also found that 72% of customers said they are never contacted by their network to find out if they are on the right tariff.

T-Mobile’s interest of course is the new FlexT tariff, which does indeed take into account the fact that customers’ mobile usage can differ from month to month depending on personal circumstances.

Free calls and texts are the most important factor when it comes to choosing a tariff, said 55% of respondents. A further 19% favoured cheap call rates. Perhaps surprisingly, only 3% feel that getting the latest handset is most important.

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