UK youth prefer mobiles to TV

Young people value their mobile phone more than television, says a survey, conducted by the London School of Economics and Carphone Warehouse.
The researchers polled over 16,500 young people in the UK to find out how mobile phones have changed the way we live.

Over a quarter of people aged 18-24 highlighted their mobile phone as more important than the internet, TV, MP3 player and games console. Only 11% chose TV, while nearly half voted for the internet.
One in 10 under 25s admitted to being “addicted” to their phones to some degree.
The respondents were also more likely to send a text message than initiate a phone call, sending on average 3.6 text messages a day compared with 2.8 voice calls.
Over 40% of workers believe themselves to be constantly on call from their employer by using a mobile phone for work.
The survey also found that people were more likely to turn off their mobile phone in a cinema than during sex.

Other findings:
• 92% of mobile phone owners cannot get through a typical day without using their phone
• Most people aged 18-40 say mobile phones have improved their quality of life. However, mobile phone-owners over 40 are evenly divided
• Three out of four people say that it is unreasonable to talk on a mobile phone at the dinner table at home – but only 9% think it is unreasonable to use a mobile phone on a train
• 56% of mobile-phone users say it is always unsafe for motorists to use a mobile phone while driving, yet 12% of all mobile phone users say they use a phone frequently while driving
• Britain has a vast “phone mountain” of old mobile phones lying around at home. More than one person in three says they have held on to their old phone, rather than giving it away, trading it in, recycling it or throwing it away
• 9% of all phone-owners say that they have had their phone stolen. Young women aged 18-24 are more likely to have had their phone stolen, 17%, than young men, 10%
• 54% of young women sometimes use their mobile phone specifically, “to deter people from approaching me”
The full results are at

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