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Mark Seemann is Mobile Business’ applications reviewer extraordinaire. He joined Genesis as director of product marketing though the acquisition of Servelogic, where he remains CEO. He has 11 years’ experience in the ISP and telecoms sectors, having been a board level director for 10 years. Mark’s expertise is product design and marketing to the UK SME market.

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As the number of hosted, web-based and on demand applications used across businesses grows, it’s increasingly difficult for IT managers to monitor system usage and spot potential issues. And as the number of mobile workers grows, it makes sense for the management tools that are developed to control these systems also have the ability to be viewed and accessed via a mobile interface.

Fun for dealers

The Unify control system is a platform that allows resellers, dealers, customers and affiliates to order, provision and control services through a standard web browser. External systems can be integrated into the control panel to reduce the operating overheads that exist through multiple software as a service and hosted services.

Unify is centrally hosted, which means the control panel doesn’t put added demand on the corporate network.

It’s essential for a control panel application to work in real time, to ensure the IT team can take immediate action on urgent problems. The Unify control panel not only provides a real time picture of how applications are running, but also produces live reporting for staff that need to produce a full picture of how a system is performing.

Staying alert

The panel also has a series of alerts that can be set up for approaching storage limits on email and web products, which is a really handy function for IT managers to put a stop to problems before they happen and ensure downtime for employees is kept to a minimum.

The panel can also be used by non-IT staff for reporting, administration and billing tasks, however the system can be set with varying access levels to

ensure the IT team remain in full and secure control of all applications.

Unify also matches the real time information with a robust support system, with a full webbased knowledge base and online technical support. I particularly like the simple design of the web page – it’s very easy to see which applications are running, which versions have been installed, and where any potential problems could arise.

World Wide Web visit http://www.servelogic.com/unity.cfm
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