Unique Enables Mobile Info Security

Unique distribution are now offering ACCODE, a two factor authentication service, based on a banking grade security platform allowing customers to secure corporate networks and protect their information.
Unique Distribution, one of the UK’s largest mobile phone distributors today announced that it will now offer ACCODE, Monitise Group’s mobile phone based two factor authentication service.  ACCODE, which is based on the same banking grade security platform as Monitise’s MONILINK mobile phone banking and payments service, will allow customers of Unique Distribution’s Managed Service division to secure their corporate networks and protect their information assets using an intuitive application deployed on their mobile handsets or existing IT hardware.

ACCODE delivers on the potential of the mobile handset as a security tool to help organisations to operate more effectively while also providing banking grade security to corporate networks.  It removes the dependence on insecure fixed passcodes as the means of providing ‘secure’ access to corporate networks or portals.  

ACCODE also presents a compelling alternative to token based security systems, coupled with far greater convenience.  User trials have confirmed that ACCODE reduces cost of ownership by 66%, from an average of £120 per user over three years to around £45 per user. Based on a secure application stored on the mobile handset, the service uses secure algorithms to generate a one time passcode that can be used to secure access to desktop and online services.  Furthermore, the service is always available through both ‘online and ‘offline’ capability, allowing the service to work even in areas with no cell phone coverage. The service can also be customised with the customer’s brand, therefore reducing barriers to employee adoption.

Andy Tow, Unique Distribution’s Chief Executive said: “Security is of paramount importance to many of our customers. However, with mobile working an essential business need, VPN or portal access is essential to the success of their businesses”.  

“ACCODE allows our customers to offer regulated VPN or portal access without compromising on either security or convenience.  It meets the high security standards demanded by the market today and by delivering the service on their existing mobile phones it removes the need for additional spend on hardware”.

Simon Barnard, Head of Monitise’s security division said: “Mobile data technology has delivered massive business advantages over the past few years, allowing workers, suppliers and consultants to access central resources no matter where they are.  However, as the usage of such systems has increased, the threats have increased alongside it.  With the mobile handset absolutely central to the working lives of most people today, the addition of information security tools makes perfect sense.”

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