Using the idle screen

Mobile technology firm Celltick has launched a platform designed to turn a phone’s idle screen into an interactive mobile marketing channel.

LiveScreen Media delivers ‘teaser’ messages directly on to the phone’s screen when it is not in use. These can take be sponsored content, brand campaigns or promotional messages; examples cited include news headlines, traffic reports, games, sports updates or alerts about sales.
When subscribers see anything that interests them, they click once to access associated content or services.
“Early attempts at mobile marketing have been limited by the platforms available. SMS is costly and intrusive, and the browser-based approach lacks reach and segmentation,” said Stephen Dunford, Celltick’s CEO. “With LiveScreen Media we will provide users with easy access to a world of high-value yet affordable mobile content and services … At the same time it will provide advertisers and brands with a new medium to reach carefully defined audience segments and help funding the development of increasingly innovative content.”
Research indicates that it is able to deliver 1,000 impressions for 5% of the cost incurred for the same number of impressions over TV, or for 25% of the cost of online impressions.
LiveScreen Media is based on Celltick’s content discovery service LiveScreen, already in use by over 25m subscribers across 20 mobile operators worldwide.
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