Vaioni Wholesale is adding CityFibre to its list of providers. Here’s why…

Vaioni Wholesale partners can now offer CityFibre connectivity to customers, in a move that further extends the reach and choice of the Vaioni Wholesale network. Here’s everything you need to know…

Why have we added CityFibre to our network?

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) is already one of the largest independent business-only networks in the UK. But to make sure we can cover everyone’s connectivity needs, we also act as a ‘connectivity exchange’ for some of the biggest names in the business, including BT, Virgin and TalkTalk. By adding CityFibre to the VEN family, we’re simply extending our reach and widening the choice available to our partners.

CityFibre was an obvious choice. This fibre-only network has grown into the country’s largest alternative fibre provider, bringing full fibre connectivity to 25 major towns and cities across the UK. We’re connectiving 15 of these locations now, with the other ten coming on board later this year. All our partners will have access to 100Mb and 1Gb fibre tails via CityFibre across all standard bandwidth options.

What benefit will the move bring for partners?

Quite simply, it gives you choice. Partners will get price competitive access to CityFibre tails as an alternative to BT OpenReach fibre tails.

We think the more options partners can offer customers, the better it is for their business. By adding CityFibre we’ve opened the potential for more competitive pricing and shorter lead times. We’ve also given you the option of offering customers a new level of resilience, by – for example – connecting them to two circuits with different tails. That could be a deal clincher for businesses with make or break connectivity requirements.

What’s the bigger picture with VEN?

VEN is Vaioni Wholesale’s award-winning Ethernet network, offering industry leading SLAs and fast installation times. We combine VEN with other networks to create a truly nationwide service. Our partners include BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media Business and Vodafone, and now CityFibre too.

Our aim is to provide partners with a true ‘connectivity exchange’, bringing together the widest range of suppliers, technologies and delivery mechanisms possible. We’re not wedded to a single provider, but instead offer partners the broadest footprint, widest choice of speeds and most customisable technologies, all at the best possible price. All of this is available through our myVaioni portal, one of the most powerful procurement and management tools in the industry.

So the bigger picture with VEN is one of choice and flexibility. Our connectivity exchange philosophy means we can provide a single platform for all connectivity requirements. That’s true whether your customers want nothing more than a simple, reliable and cost-effective internet line or a more complex solution that connects multiple sites and remote workers with different technologies. Our experts are always available to advise partners on the best connectivity solution for any specific customer.

All businesses have become reliant on the connectivity that underpins their digital activities. Our VEN network ensures your customers always have the connection they need.

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