Viewty Sells 310,000

It may well look a little like the iPhone, but it certainly wasn’t hyped like the iPhone, and since its launch five weeks ago has sold 310,000 units.
LG says that since entering markets across Europe, including the UK, France and Germany the phone has achieved even wider acclaim, selling 6300 units daily. Possibly thanks to its impressive 5 megapixel camera and direct link to YouTube.

This figure exceeds sales records set by previous LG handsets the Chocolate and Shine.

LG CEO Dr. Skott Ahn, said: "We are thrilled about the immense interest from consumers. In some countries, our product supply is even running low. This impressive result is attributable to the perfect balance between technology and design developed based on consumer insight. LG Viewty’s success is a significant achievement for LG as it is the first product in a high-technology line of handset at LG Electronics. With the confidence gained from our brisk sales activity, we will continue to improve areas of both features and premium design."

The Viewty is set to frow even further now it has launched into the Asian and Middle East markets.

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