Voda Customer Service on Your Handset

Vodafone is launching advanced customer services directly on the handset to give its customers customer care and billing information in real-time. The service will not only provide a self care facility but also gives an added opportunity to provide interactive promos and tutorials.
Simple tutorials would include such as step by step guides on how to use the mobile internet to download music or how to send an MMS.

Following a successful trial with more than 3000 customers in the UK and Spain using SNAPin SelfService, Vodafone will begin a phased roll out of the on device self care service from this year. The service will be available on open OS handsets, including S60, UIQ and Microsoft Windows Mobile, to begin with, with the aim to extend to the majority of handsets on offer from Vodafone over time.

The  self-service lets customers navigate an on-screen visual menu of options to answer questions or solve their problems right on the handset. Customers also have the option to connect through to the call centre, bypassing traditional IVR menus, or to get an automatic response directly on their phone.

The trial showed that customers want to have self help facilities on the phone. In more mature markets in Europe quickly solving problems in this way is highly desirable and often considered more convenient for solving routine queries such as current billing information. In emerging markets such as India, self help on the device empowers customers who are using mobiles for the first time and helps them to quickly and easily get the most out of a new phone and the services on offer.

“We have conducted thorough trials over the last three months with customers. The trials have confirmed that on device self help, when simple and quick to use, is very desirable for customers as it gives them control of how and when they deal with us and makes the most of their time. It also greatly adds to their experience of dealing with Vodafone and improves overall satisfaction.” said Paul de Laat, Global Director of Customer Value Management at Vodafone.

“Many customers particularly liked the ability to answer set up questions themselves when trying out new services, like MMS, or the mobile internet. Customers were also more willing to try new services after receiving targeted interactive promotions. We believe that rolling out self care services could help us to grow loyalty and stimulate revenue, especially as customers become more confident to try new services.”

Rolling out user-friendly self care services will not replace current customer care channels, but merely provide the customer with more choice over when, where and how they obtain information on Vodafone’s products and services as well as their own personal account information.

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