Vodafone Broadband Here

Next week sees the launch of Vodafone’s very own broadband offering. Partnering with BT, The Vodafone ‘At Home’ service will kick off on Monday from £25 per month.

The package includes line rental, and customers will receive unlimited broadband and inclusive landline calls at anytime to any UK landline, as well as 25% off calls to mobiles.

The broadband launch is the first step to Vodafone becoming a total communications company or ‘Lifestyle Provider’ an ambition first revealed by Mobile Business back in August.

Possibly to reduce costs on technical support, Voda will be providing free modems with all the settings pre-installed, something Sky has been doing with it’s Broadband for a while. Although this may be attractive to the computer layman, experienced computer users might be put off by not being able to personalise their settings.  

As well as a free modem, Voda customers will also get free connection, and free anti-virus/spam software, which is pretty much standard these days. If a customer wants a wireless router it will cost them a further £25.  

For even greater flexibility, customers will have the opportunity to buy a half-price Vodafone Mobile Connect USB Modem, so that they can use Vodafone’s 3G broadband network from their laptop, although this will incur an additional £29 per month.

"The way we’re packaging and delivering Vodafone At Home ensures our customers get the best experience when they buy broadband," says Tim Yates, Director of Vodafone UK’s Consumer Business Unit. "With our managed roll-out and commitment to customer service we are confident that we will be able to manage demand.

"By working with BT we will be providing a market-leading mix of quality, value and service. Vodafone at Home will provide nationwide broadband coverage from day one, as well as offering the flexibility and convenience of going wireless at home and being able to access the internet on laptops when out of the home on Vodafone’s 3G broadband network."

The £25 cost is only to available to Vodafone consumer contract customers, should a user cancel their Voda mobile contract, the monthly broadband subscription is raised to £35.

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