Vodafone Cuts 450 Newbury Jobs

Vodafone UK has announced a ‘series of initiatives to invest in the data sales and service experience it delivers, in order to stay ahead of its competitors.’ One of which is making 450 staff redundant.
In a bid to ‘simplify its operating model’ a total of 450 redundancies in Vodafone UK, mainly at its Newbury headquarters, will be made. Cuts will be across the board including senior management levels which will be reduced by 20%.

However, Voda will be looking to recruit more people into other areas of the business, including a further 330 retail advisors into its stores to meet data product sales demand. The new retail bods will be showing customers how to use the non-phone functions of their mobiles, such as downloading tracks and surfing the mobile interweb, things which have a higher margin than a phonecall.

The company will also be creating up to 130 sales and service roles in Vodafone UK’s enterprise business as well as significantly developing its on-line sales and customer service activity, including enhanced e-billing capability, adding a further 30 roles.

On top of all this a new, 850 seat purpose built customer services centre will be built in Stoke-on-Trent, although there’s no mention of bums for the seats. Looking at the maths – (330 + 130 + 30 = 490) – 450 = 40. So you can expect these extra 40 staff to enjoy games of football, musical chairs, and hide & seek in the new offices in Stoke.
Nick Read, Chief Executive of Vodafone UK commented: “Vodafone UK is clearly focused on building on its market leading position in data products and services.  Today we are announcing a series of targeted investments to meet growing demand in this area, whilst simplifying the way we work, putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.”

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