Vodafone Severs Fone Logistics

Just a couple of weeks after Carphone got the chop Vodafone have got their distribution scissors out again and cut out another partner, this time Fone Logistics have fallen victim.

Vodafone announced today that they have served notice on Fone Logistics, and they will sell their last phone in a month.

This leaves only Anglia, Avenir, Hugh Symons and Yes Telecom as Voda’s remaining b2b distibutors.

Vodafone did not deny there would be another announcement regarding culling of distributors next week.

"As a result of an ongoing review of its indirect channels Vodafone UK served notice of termination to Fone Logistics on 1st November 2006.  Vodafone is committed to the indirect channel with a focus on forging closer links with key distribution partners and dealers. This move demonstrates how we continue to scrutinise our business continually looking for ways to respond to the needs of the changing market"

However, Hugh Symons would be the next obvious candidate for the chop as Anglia and Avenir are performing well and Yes Telecom is owned by Vodafone.

It’s not all bad news though, it may have taken two weeks but Carphone are finally recovering from their Voda chop to see their status change from Neutral to positive. Goldman Sachs said the reaction to the Vodafone chop had been overdone.

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