Vodafone simply VS4

The fourth in Vodafone’s line of Phones Your Gran Could Use is another Sagem production. Externally it looks distinctly average, albeit in a slimline way, and because it’s intended to be uncomplicated it’s free of brain-clogging
encumbrances such as a camera or MP3 player. You can receive MMS but not send (no camera, see). Strangely, there is a USB connector.

What you do get is a nifty plastic tabletop phone holder into which the charger clips. The keypad includes icon-labelled buttons for Home, Contacts and messages/missed calls (rather too much on that one, we think, especially as its Home which blinks if you have a missed call). And the Home screen has nice clear characters – big ones for the current time, plus an indication of signal strength, battery life and current volume setting.

It’s probably the most stylish of the Simply series, though style obviously isn’t a big consideration here (it looks a bit like the Motorola ROKR E1). The software and user interface generally work to spec – not too much to get wrong, everything works as advertised, and it does the basics well (good reception, too).

Makes and takes calls, sends and receives texts. What more could
you want?



  • Size                        Length 111mm
  • Width                     46.8mm
  • Depth                    14.7mm
  • Weight                   90g
  • Main display        CSTN, 65K colours, 128×160 pixels
  • Camera                No
  • Connectivity        Triband GSM, USB
  • Battery                  Standby 166h
  • Talk time              4h
  • Features          Speakerphone, tabletop stand with charger attachment, simplified user interface

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