Vodafone tweaks data pricing

From the beginning of July, Vodafone dropped the price for its flat-rate Mobile Broadband service to £25 a month ex VAT.

PC data cards (or USB modems for Mac users) are free on 18-month contracts, £49 on 12-month contracts.

There’s also an occasional-use rate of £8.50 for 24 hours under the name Mobile Broadband 24. A data card will cost £120 for that.

Also new is a feature that gives the ability to continue data connections, while you’re in select (Vodafone-enabled) European countries again for £8.50 per 24 hours.

There are transfer caps – 3GB per month on the £25 deal, 500MB for the 24 hour service, 50MB per day while roaming abroad. If you need more there’s a hefty £95 per month Mobile Broadband Travel service that gives up to 200MB – double the previous maximum data allowance.

Vodafone claims to have led GSM data market “consistently” and currently claims to have over 80% of the data cards used by business people in the UK.

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