Vodafone, Yahoo to extend deal

Vodafone and Yahoo have agreed to extend their partnership to bring instant messaging services to both the mobile phone and PC, providing customers with a seamless mobile Internet communications experience.

The integrated communications services will be based on a co-branded application that can work on both styles of device. Customers will be able to send messages from PC to mobile and vice versa; they will be able to use the address book functionality to see whether their friends are online and exchange messages when these friends are either on their PC or mobile devices.

“This partnership is significant as mobile phones play an important role in how customers communicate and stay connected to their Internet community,” said Marco Boerries, Senior Vice President, Connected Life, Yahoo. “The combined expertise of Vodafone and Yahoo means that we will be able to deliver an exciting and relevant experience to consumers across both their mobile and PC.”

The companies first established their partnership in November 2006 when Vodafone named Yahoo as its exclusive display advertising partner in the UK. They two say they intend to further develop their relationship by “exploring the creation of next generation communication services”.

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