Vodaronge Network

Orange and Vodafone today outlined the next steps in their vision to deliver better quality mobile coverage to more people, in more places across the UK. With joint mast sites up and running later on in the year.
The two companies announced their intention to work together last year with the original plan to merge the radio networks to create a single 3G network  used by customers of both companies. Each network would each manage their own application portfolios, and retain individual responsibility for quality of service.

That fell down by the wayside, and the new plan merely sees the two networks sharing mast sites, cutting total number of sites. It is expected that the initiative will lead to a 15% reduction in the number of mast sites – almost 3,000 sites in total – in the first two years alone.

Tom Alexander, CEO of Orange UK, said: “This deal will see our two companies work together to ensure our customers benefit from better, deeper and faster mobile coverage in more places, with fewer mast-sites across the country. It will be better for our customers, better for our businesses and better for the environment.”

Nick Read, CEO of Vodafone UK, said: “Last year we announced this industry leading initiative and today’s announcement focuses on a significant mast sharing program that benefits our customers and the environment, while driving improved efficiencies for our business.”

The bottom line from the networks is  "Orange UK and Vodafone UK will continue to maintain separate networks, will retain full responsibility for the quality of service they offer their respective customers and will remain competitors in the UK mobile wholesale and retail markets."

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