VoSKY VoIP range from Eupac

Eupac, a specialist distributor of internet communications and digital entertainment devices, has added VoSKY’s interesting range of VoIP products – and it’s interested in talking to resellers. 

VoSKY products are Skype-certified, and they allow users to use their existing phones — including mobiles — to make and receive Skype or Skypeout calls.

Currently the range includes the VoSKY Internet Phone Wizard, the basic product which allows the use of an existing phone for Skype or Skypeout calls; the RRP is £31 plus VAT.

ChatterBox is a £20 speakerphone for Skype; the £41 VoSKY Call Centre is a clever call-forwarding unit that allow remote access to Skype or Skypeout (dial the Call Centre number and then dial the Skype number); and the VoSKY Exchange claims to seamlessly bridge an existing office PBX to the Skype network. It adds an extra four Skype lines and costs £425+VAT.

If you’re interested, Eupac is on 08700 27 69 88 and at www.eupac.co.uk.

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