Votes 4 U


Wednesday saw the mobile business website hit new heights….thanks to the Caudwell and Dunstone rivalry.

Mobile Business’s website has been popular with a forum, an ezine and prizes for registered members every month, but thanks to a recent poll, got into the top 100,000 google ranked sites,brushing elbows with some of the biggest household names around.

With competitor sites Mobile and Mobile News being in the millions, Mobile Business got a ranking of just below 83,000th, Number 1 being Yahoo, as an online poll on the site asked customers to vote for their best distributor.

At this point Hugh Symons were winning with about 100 votes, but the publisher of the poll decided to tell the companies about the vote and encourage their customers to go and vote. Well, 20:20 steamed ahead with about 10 votes per second, and shortly after Hugh Symons followed with double that.

The voting went crazy, and after 4000 votes were recorded in 2 hours, the poll had to be disabled.

20:20 believe it’s their customers that got them to a tally of 2000 and more, where as Hugh Symons were a little more honest stating that it probably went around their offices and the whole of Carphone. A statement that is somewhat more believable than 2000 plus customers voting for you in the space of 2 hours?

So, who is the best distributor? Well possibly the most honest is Anglia, who apologised for accidentally voting twice themselves, and so well deserve their close 2nd place standing.

Anyway, get online with and see what you think….definately worth a top rating! Oh and register whilst you’re there for your chance to pick up some great gear…This month we’re giving one lucky registrant the chance to win a Sony PSP.

Below are the results before the monkey business.

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