WAAT’s That on Your Phone?

At the same time a study shows mobile adult content will be worth nearly $3bn in three years, Penthouse Media Group, publishers of the infamous top-shelf magazine, has signed an exclusive agreement with WAAT Media to distribute Penthouse content throughout America and Europe.
The content will more than likely include pictures, video, and editorial along with games and regular Penthouse features such as Penthouse Letters and Penthouse Forum.

Juniper Research have predicted the global market for text-based adult services to peak by next year at $303m. Media-rich graphics and video content will then surpass it’s text based cousin to reach $1.7bn in 2009.

Bruce Gibson, Junipers Research Director, said "As with mobile games and mobile gambling, the mobile channel will not just be another delivery channel for existing content. It will in fact be a different way of presenting adult content. The mobile channel will reach new audiences who will use the products in a different way to their use of print products, DVDs and the Internet. Because mobile is about fun and instant gratification, products will need to be designed to provide just that."

Adi McAbian, Managing Director of WAAT Media seems to agree "It’s exciting to be an integral part of revitalizing the Penthouse brand on a global basis. Leveraging our platform, we will be launching over 50 premium mobile content sites on operator portals that include images, videos and games in 18 countries within the next 60 days."

"In addition, we are developing three mobile TV channels, numerous integrated Premium SMS campaigns for Penthouse publishing partners and a web-to-mobile program for Penthouse online and its affiliates."
"Our agreement with WAAT will reinforce PMGI’s ongoing effort to deliver quality adult entertainment to mobile consumers worldwide," says Mark Rudolph, President of Licensing for PMGI. "WAAT’s experience in adapting and distributing content to meet the wide diversity of technical and regulatory requirements, creating compelling consumer WAP, MobileTV and game propositions, will represent one of the Industry’s most significant launches to date."

However the potential for building revenue and reaching new markets won’t be without it’s difficulties, Bruce Gibson explains, "There are many regulatory and public sensibility issues associated with mobile adult content and these will constrain market growth. However, the inherent strengths of the mobile as a flexible device, coupled with advances in mobile video capability and the implementation of robust age verification procedures, will ensure that the mobile channel has an important role to play in the future of the adult content industry."

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