Watch TV on Any Phone (nearly)

New software from Makayama lets you watch TV on more than 500 mobile devices including including Symbian and Windows smartphones from Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Samsung, and other major manufacturers.

Software company Makayama announces the availability of ‘Mobile TV Center’. This innovative software lets you watch TV shows on 550 mobile devices, such as Pocket PC, iPod, Palm, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and other major brand mobile phones, PSP, portable media players and even on TomTom. The software works with Windows Media Center and provides automatic conversion and transfer of home TV recordings to mobile devices.

The software installs on any Windows Media Center PC, users pick their device and then it’s all automatic. Every new TV-recording will be converted in the background to a mobile video format, which will play on the portable device. TV-shows are transferred to the device, every time the memorycard is inserted, or when the device is connected via USB. New recordings can be scheduled using the built-in Electronic Program Guide of the Media Center. The software can be operated with a TV remote control and has the Windows Media Center look and feel, because it has the same intuitive, user-interface as the Media Center. Windows Media center will be part of Windows Vista Premium Edition, which will be pre-installed on the majority of new home PC’s sold next year.

Makayama CEO Vincent Verweij says: “No other software supports this many mobile devices in one package. With other solutions, such as Slingbox you need to buy special hardware, your mobile device needs a wideband wireless connection and then you’re still restricted to watching only live TV. Our software lets you take your personal TV-favourites on the go without having to worry about getting connections or paying for the data or the content. It’s just a one-time purchase of software and you have an unlimited number of tv-hours in your pocket. And the quality is better than streaming video because no wireless connection is needed to view the video.”

The software runs on Windows Media Center Edition (XP or Vista). A memorycard reader is required, or a USB cable for transfer of content.

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