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Exactly a year after he was appointed to the role of CEO at Daisy Comms Business Magazine spoke to Neil Muller to find out how the year has gone, what he achieved and what his plans are for the future.

According to Neil Muller, CEO at Daisy, the last 12 months have literally ‘flown by’.

“I’m proud of Daisy’s achievements. The company has been built on the back of 49 acquisitions and therefore has multiple ways of doing things and a multitude of cultures. It’s a fantastic business but we need to make it ‘One Daisy’. Chairman Matt Riley and I are from different camps; Matt is a brilliant dealmaker in the world of Telecommunications, whereas I am from an organic growth background in IT Infrastructure Services, where I took Computacenter from a £1.1billion UK business to £1.45billion in four years.”

Neil is a firm believer in Harvard Business School’s theory of the Service-Profit Chain and having spent time at the college I guess he should know the benefits. He says that in order to deliver ‘End to End’ service you need to be good at delivering both ends.

“Daisy has an addressable UK market of £10billion out of a total market of £90billion. That represents a goldmine of opportunity and our future success will be delivered from three distinct markets; the SME (2-500 users), the mid-market (500 to a few thousand users) and Enterprise (from a few thousand to 140,000 users where we have only BT and Lloyds Banking Group). We do not address this Enterprise market directly – we serve it through our Enterprise Partners, comprising Systems Integrators, Telco Operators and Large IT resellers.

In the SME market we serve 50,000 customers directly with the remainder, 500,000 firms, being addressed by our 1,500 wholesale partners. I believe that in the mid market only BT can provide the end-to-end service required, with Daisy offering a highly credible alternative.
In the public sector however Daisy is just one of two suppliers that has all 11 service areas covered as a supplier under the government PSN framework and where a lot of partnerships and sub-contracting is the supply norm.”

Muller has produced a booklet for staff and customers showing how the company has come a long way and is sitting on that goldmine opportunity.

The message is one where Daisy aims to join the dots in a converged world.

“To realise our full potential we can’t keep running as separate businesses. We have to build greater consistency through standard processes, tools and systems, whilst tailoring our offers to meet specific customer needs. By striking this balance, we will put our customers first, delivering on our promises all of the time.

Our execution will be everything so we will be clear about which products we take to which markets and our offerings will be easy to buy and easy to sell. By adding value to both our customers and business partners we will build a fan base which actively supports us.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine