WebEx on iPhone

WebEx on iPhone


WebEx on iPhone

Readers who have never been involved in a WebEx-type experience during their working life are probably not aware of the power that that these solutions can offer. Personally, I think they are fantastic and offer a completely different method by which we can all appeal to a far wider audience in a shorter period of time.

Almost everyone will have seen a film or TV series at some time where important heads of state or government officials all liaise via enormous flat screens lined up in front of them to give the impression that all attendees are sitting in the same room. We probably also all think the same thing: “Great idea, but that must cost a fortune and it’ll never be something I’ll be able to use.”

Scalable solution

Over recent years these types of solutions have become more and more

scalable and are very much affordable to businesses of all sizes, albeit in varying scales as one might expect. However a business chooses to deploy these solutions, the premise is the same; interact powerfully with anyone, anywhere in the world, without having to compromise on the quality of the content being delivered or received.

Cisco is the global leader in this space, so much so that its own software name (WebEx) has almost become the standard terminology by which this technology is known across the business world. The business is also extending its existing software as a service and premises-based collaboration applications to the Apple iPhone 3G to deliver a mobile collaboration experience.

In the converged solutions channels, we are all more than familiar with the fact that being out of the office or on the move no longer means that we are ‘out of the loop’ and Cisco is aiming at taking this premise even further with iPhone.


iPhone, iSee

The new Cisco WebEx meetings iPhone application, which is again available to download for free from the AppStore, allows users to simply click to join and actively collaborate in meetings. Using the Cisco WebEx Meeting Centre application on the iPhone, users can view what’s being shared, see the meeting participant list, see the active speaker and chat with other meeting participants.

The online meeting experience gives users the ability to take advantage of simultaneous web and audio conferencing capabilities from Cisco on both the 3G mobile and 802.11 wireless (WiFi) networks.

Where’s the catch? Of course, users need to have current subscriptions to the WebEx services to schedule or host a meeting, but the idea behind this app is that not only do employees have even more flexibility when away from the office, but it also allows invitees to be literally anywhere in the world.

World Wide Web visit http://www.webex.co.uk/
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