We’re all in this together – Julien Parven

Julien Parven, Marketing Director, Daisy Communications discusses the current situation and what he is witnessing in the market as his customers look to enable the UK with technology to protect themselves.

We’re currently going through what I can only describe as a crazy time right now. During my time within the industry, I’ve never seen something more challenging than what we’re facing right now.

Staff in the NHS are rightly being applauded for the fantastic work they’re doing, but so too are the postmen and women, delivery drivers and supermarket staff that are keeping the nation going. But let’s also acknowledge the critical role everyone within in the telecoms industry is playing.

Telecoms is arguably today’s buzzword within industry as organisations of shapes and sizes look to it keep running and keep connected with customers, suppliers and partners. The current crisis is showing just what an important role we, as a channel, play in this as, collectively, we work tirelessly to keep the UK connected.

Every day I hear amazing stories about how someone within your organisations is working tirelessly to keep a customer connected to the outside world; enabling doctors’ surgeries to take and receive important calls; ensuring hospitals remain connected to vital patient data.

We’re all doing our bit to help keep blue-light services running and I’m sure this is the same across the channel. I’m humbled at how the industry is stepping up to the challenge.

As I sit here at my own fully functioning home-based office, I can only marvel at how lucky we are to have such a rich array of technology at our fingertips during this crisis; imagine if this was 10 or even 5 years ago? The outlook would be much bleaker.

Today’s WiFi speeds are so fast, businesses are well equipped to work remotely from their smartphones, tablets, laptops and more, while maintaining team contact via cloud-based applications and software.

All-in-one business communication solutions are enabling workforces to use instant messaging, video calling and ad-hoc or planned conferencing to communicate among teams, wherever they are.
Right now, it’s abundantly clear how digital technologies have begun to reshape how people think about work, what constitutes work and what competencies are going to be needed in the future workplace when we come out of the other side.
And as a channel we have a responsibility; an obligation, to ensure that we make as many of our customers as agile as we can, keeping them connected and protected and ‘always on’ with their network of businesses.
We are all in this together and we all must look after each other. I’m sure we will come back from this stronger than ever as individuals, as businesses, as an industry, and as a nation.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine