What goes around comes around!

What goes around comes around!

Nokia USDB Data Dongle

In 1994 Hugh Symons set up a division called Mobile Data to complement its IT distribution and mobile airtime divisions and Wireless Data Services to provide support. This was in response to the data card launched from Nokia, one of

the first of its type to furnish a mobile user with the ability to link their Nokia 2110 handset to their laptop, thereby enabling access to the web and emails on the road.

The dream was sold and the start of mobile data usage began, certainly for the early adopter. The technology was sketchy at best due to the GSM technology at the time. It meant that a user would be cut off very easily thereby losing any work and the speeds were slow.

As time has moved on the data technology has improved. With packet data we now only lose the actual connection when we want to – if there is bad coverage the user does not lose their session, making the whole experience more seamless and less stressful! Throughout this time of evolution, other manufacturers came on to the scene whilst Nokia concentrated on the handset empire. The likes of Sierra Wireless, Novatel Wireless, Option and Huawei have continued to release evolving portfolios covering different product formats and the networks finally started to brand, incentivize and sell volumes. The format to emerge as the main product of choice has been the USB device, even though PCMCIA and Express devices are still available and are the products of choice for some businesses.

Nokia’s continued focus into the B2B and Corporate markets has now been complemented with their CS-10 USB dongle.

The Nokia device is very much a plug and play device that recognises all UK networks, ideal for the modern user. It is also ideal for the modern reseller that can generate greater revenue by purchasing a SIM-free, non-locked generic device. Most networks only offer one or two devices and they are locked. The current market is more mature than that with plenty of choice based on capability. The Nokia device supports the best speeds available and perhaps most importantly of all at the moment possesses a fantastically competitive price point (£58 SIM free).

Current data tariffs by the networks offer subsidies that will enable resellers to offer the devices for £0 and still make good margins, all competitive with any network offering. The Vodafone Mobile Broadband Business data tariff is ideal for business at £18 per month line rental, it offers 5GB of data but provides the reseller with £160 commission for example.

It is amazing that what goes around comes around and one of the greatest appeals here is the brand, one which started the whole mobile broadband dream in the first place. The key for any reseller of course is to partner with the right distributor; one that provides the best choices for your customers from an independent product portfolio, featuring all of the relevant manufacturers in this marketplace.

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