What is RSS?

RSS creates news feeds which allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get the latest headlines and video in one place, as soon as its published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from.

The first thing you need is something called a news reader. This is a piece of software that checks the feeds and lets you read any new articles that have been added. There are many different versions, some of which are accessed using a browser, and some of which are downloadable applications.

There is a list of vailable RSS readers at the bottom of the page.

Simply click on the Mobile Business RSS Feed link, copy the address into your chosen RSS feed reader, and you can get the Mobile Business headlines direct. The RSS feed is for front page items only. For regular daily news, check the News pages.
If you need further help, speak to our webmonkeys: webmonkeys@mbmagazine.co.uk
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