WidSets top 1m users

WidSets has hit 1m registered users since its October 2006 launch. The Nokia arm which is responsible for WidSets is over the moon — “having 1m registered users in the mobile space is almost unheard of,” said Ulla Särkikangas, Director, Consumer Internet Services, Nokia Emerging Business Unit. “WidSets has clearly set the benchmark for tools and distribution channels designed for content and media owners.”

WidSets is a handset manufacturerindependent service that brings the best bits of the Internet, such as communities, news, blogs, reviews, and weather reports straight to the mobile phone. It uses mini-applications called widgets to deliver up to date internet content to mobile phones, enables the user to create their own widgets, and currently has a library of more than 1500 widgets.

WidSets works on a wide variety of mobile phone brands and is compatible on more than 300 mobile devices. Check them out for yourself — download at www.widsets. com or on mobile at get.widsets.com.

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