WIN enhances Voda Retail’s customer experience

WIN have announced it would provide a managed mobile intranet service for Vodafone Retail. The news and information service will allow two-way communication between Vodafone headquarters and in-store retail teams in 346 stores direct to the mobile handsets of the customer facing team.
The service enables Vodafone Retail to offer cutting edge communication and employee interaction through direct mobile interaction with store teams ensuring they are up to date on the latest internal news and information. Vodafone Retail employees can use the service to publish a range of content onto the site which is accessible to all members of store teams. WIN’s expertise in content management across multiple platforms has made it possible for Vodafone Retail employees to submit and respond to information on a range of formats from video to SMS.

By centralising Vodafone Retail’s internal communications to the mobile intranet site, WIN has helped Vodafone increase the efficiency of internal communications. The move from paper to mobile highlights the power, convenience and reliability of Vodafone’s mobile internet proposition.

"WIN have designed, built and will host an intranet site completely tailored to the demands of Vodafone Retail" said Terry O’Brien, Head of Vodafone Retail. "We believe the service will really help to improve the communication process between HQ and our store teams."

"WIN has been working closely with Vodafone UK for more than 12 years now. We believe that the managed intranet information and news service will build on their existing internal communications said Graham Rivers, CEO of WIN Plc.

WIN provides all communications channels (WAP, SMS, MMS and video) to Vodafone’s team members for 18 months. The service has a content management system (CMS) that will allow the Vodafone moderator to review all responses and publish them to all users.

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