Write on Your BlackBerry

Destiny, a provider of Digital Pen and Paper solutions, have developed  new software that allows you to write on paper and send the information back to your BlackBerry.
The intelligent routing software allows users to digitally capture their handwritten business forms using Digital Pen & Paper and transmit them back to the office with their BlackBerry smartphone.

This makes it easy for BlackBerry users, out on the road to process forms more quickly, such as  job sheets, field reports, surveys, signed contracts and other applications, allowing people to continue working on the next form even if out of wireless network coverage, subsequently processing larger volumes of data than they could before.

A camera built into the nib of the digital pen records information as it is written. Ticking a box on a form instructs the pen to send information to the BlackBerry smartphone over a Bluetooth connection. The user can then verify the information on their handset before it is transmitted to the office for processing.

In areas where there is no wireless network coverage available, Destiny’s intelligent routers buffer the information and send it the moment the connection is reestablished. Once the data has been successfully transmitted, the message is automatically deleted from the handset.

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